Swing Gates

■ Factory assembled and prewired

■ Simple on site installation to a prepared base

■ Built in safety beam

■ Optional plug in accessories

■ Ideal for farm entrances

■ Quick to open

■ Secure three point locking system

■ Standard 16ft or 12ft opening

Swing gate unit

The Turnpikes swing gate unit is factory assembled and tested ready to operate; once bolted down to a customer prepared base.

It comprises of a 16 ft galvanised gate together with its hanging and shutting posts. The posts are held together with a tie bar which also serves as a cable duct.

The gate is powered by an industrial grade electro hydraulic ram unit which has a very low power requirement (250 watts). The standard unit has a built in safety beam between the posts to prevent the gate closing if there is anything in the way.

Operation is controlled by its built-in radio by means of key fob transmitters. In addition to this the standard unit is supplied with entry and exit key pads mounted on support posts.

The gate locking mechanism is unique to Turnpikes and combines a magnetic lock with the hydraulically driven shoot bolt. This gives the most secure locking available on the market for swing gates.


Turnpikes Bolt Down Units

Turnpikes gate units: a simple 3 step process to protect your property in less than 90 minutes.

Prepare bases

Prepare bases ready to accept

the Turnpikes gate unit

bolt down

Bolt down your Turnpikes gate, plug in any accessories and connect the power supply

backfill and operate

The gate is now fully operational, the remaining trenches and posts can be backfilled with concrete

div line

Gate Styles

Turnpikes Swing Gate Kits can be specified with one of two gate variants: a standard cattle yard style gate or a 5 bar style gate for a more rustic look.

round bar gate
style gate

Example Installations

round bar
paired gates